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Frequently Asked Questions

What size and model Bowl should I purchase?
While most Australian Bowlers prefer a heavy weight Bowl, you can refer to our Bowls: Weights & Sizes Chart Page.
We currently offer 4 different models of Bowl,  the “Power”, “Premier” and “Mastertouch” and the new "XV-ONE". All cater to different Bowling needs. It is a growing trend in Australia today to have more than one set of Bowls. We often have Bowlers using and loving our “Premier” model, whilst switching to a set of “Powers” when on very quick greens. For more information on the features, lines and finish of our Bowling models, please refer to the Bowling product section.
To work out the actual size and grip that individually suits you, we recommend that you see a Coach who is equipped with the professional techniques and training to advise you. It is also important to take into consideration any sporting injuries you may have, when choosing the right Bowls. Feel free to book an appointment with our professional Staff at Seven Hills for a Bowls Testing session. Phone (02) 9674 7777.
Should I get Grip or Plain Ring Bowls?
This is a personal preference; the choice is in your hands! Many Bowlers simply enjoy the feel of the dimples, while others prefer the smooth rings. Weather conditions and injury may also play a part in your decision. If you still are unsure, contact our experienced Staff for a consultation.
How do I know my clothing size? 
You can refer to our helpful Sizing Chart page, to make sure you find the right fitting clothing for you.
Why does my Bowl line seem to differ from other Bowlers, even when using the same Bowl?
There are a number of possible factors that may have bearing on how your Bowls perform on any given day:
  1. Weather conditions
  2. The time of day or night you play
  3. The green being recently top dressed, or in need of repair
  4. The individual holding technique of each Bowler may be different
  5. With the tighter line Bowl (for example the Greenmaster “Power” Bowl), it is extremely important to get the Bowl away smoothly to avoid any slight wobble which may send the Bowl off course. The Greenmaster “Premier” has been the most popular Bowl in Australia for the last 8 years, and ideal for this problem.
How does my current Bowl compare and differ to the Greenmaster Range?
Our range of Greenmaster bowls are all attuned to alternate Lawn Bowl Bias Lines. All of our Bowls are guaranteed and fully factory tested. For more information on these three models, “Premier”, “Power” and “Mastertouch”, please see the Bias Line Information Table.
With such widespread success throughout Australia, as well as International acclaim, we strongly recommend you try a demonstration set available at either our store Greenmaster Bowls Australia in Seven Hills NSW, or your local retailer. With our “Premier” Bowl as Australia’s most popular Bowl for the last 8 years, it is worth comparing the brilliant results with your existing Bowls.
Bowls Trajectory Line

Every model in the Greenmaster range has a smooth, even arc to the jack and no hook at the finish.
'Power' Bowls
Click the green line on the right to view the bias line for this bowl.
Designed to have the kindest line possible, the 'Power' gives more control and is ideally suited for the quicker Greens. A tight line Bowl with a straighter finish.
'Premier' Bowls
Click the red line on the right to view the bias line for this bowl.
The famous 'Premier' is a narrow bias Bowl which holds an even line allowing the Bowler to confidently predict the finishing point. The best all round Bowl for all conditions.
'Mastertouch' Bowls
Click the yellow line on the right to view the bias line for this bowl.
A wider drawing Bowl suited to slower Greens and artifical surfaces - both Indoor and Outdoor. A Bowl that will hold its line well in windy conditions.   
 To view the Trajectory Line in PDF including the New XV1 - Click here

Bowls: Weights, Sizes & Colours


All Greenmaster Bowls come in the sizes 00 - 5. Choosing the correct size Bowl is integral for the whole foundation of playing the game. While the there are many theories about the ideal size Bowl, it is best to choose the Bowl that you can most comfortably control and hold under all the playing conditions you are most likely to encounter.


Bowl Size Diameter Weight
  Millimetres Inches Kilos Ibs/ozs
00 116 4  9/16 1.2 2.10 1/2
0 117.5 4  5/8 1.24 2..12
1 121 4  3/4 1.37 3
2 122.5 4 13/16 1.42 3..2
3 124 4  7/8 1.45 3..3
4 125.5 4 15/16 1.52 3.5 1/2
5 127 5 1.58 3.7 1/2


These colours are no longer available : White     Maroon     Dark Green    Dark  Blue    Black and White Speckle (Panda)

the mulberrythe patriotpeppermintcoconut_icelime_fizzaurora



Testing Bowls

Greenmaster has an experienced team of licensed professionals who can assist you in finding the ideal set of Bowls for your individual sporting needs. Our base at Seven Hills in NSW features a licensed World Bowls Testing Table, to ensure that you have the right Bowls for maximizing your technique.
All our Bowls are fully tested in the factory to ensure optimum quality. However, every few years it is advisable to have your Bowls re-tested and stamped with the current stamp, as over time the bias of each Bowl can change as a result of the surface, driving and continual playing with the same set. This is particularly essential for those participating in competitions, which require your Bowls to have a required date Stamp.
Bowls Testing can be easily organised by appointment at our Seven Hills Base. The cost is just $49.50 (plus postage, and any alteration costs if necessary) for a fully licensed examination.
To make an appointment with our experienced staff, contact us on (02) 9674 7777.
Clothing Size Guide



CHEST (approx sizes cm)

XS  LGE XL    2XL    3XL  4XL   5XL
85 90   95   100   105   110 115   120  125


65   69 74 77 79 82  84 87    90


WAIST (approx sizes cm)

XS   S M   LGE  XL 2XL  3XL  4XL  5XL
71   76     82 86   91  96 101  106     111


CHEST (approx sizes cm)

XS M LGE   XL    2XL  3XL  4XL 5XL
85 90   95   100  105 110 115 120 125


69  75  77 78 79 81  82   83 83



8 10 12    14      16  18    20   22 24
XS    S    M  LGE  XL   2XL  3XL 4XL 5XL
85    92  94  100  106    112    118  120  125


47   52     54    56  59    62   65   67 70


61  62  64  72    74  78    80  83   86


Personalised Emblems
We carry a huge range of Bowls with various emblems/ logos. We can also personalise an emblem for you. You are most welcome to phone us on 02 9674 7777 and see what we have in stock or contact us with regards to the costs and requirements of personalising an emblem for you.
If you should wish to get your personalised emblem, we will require an emailed copy of what you require, i.e. the model, size, colour of Bowl, grip/dimple or plain/rings and the colour of the emblem and rings etc. 
The approximate timing is 12 - 14 weeks.
Personalised Bowls examples below. Please also view our Bowls page for examples of what else can be done.
special emblem bowl 2specialised emblem 3
Special emblem bowl 1specialised emblem 4a
Warranty & Return Policy

Bowls Warranty
We know how seriously you take your game. We do too.
10 Year Guarantee
Every set of Greenmaster Bowls leaves the factory with a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects. This is not inclusive of ‘wear and tear’; please see below requirements in ‘Damage Causes to Your Bowls ’.
Every Bowl is Factory Tested
Every Greenmaster Bowl is tested to meet all World Bowls (WB) regulations. All sets of Greenmaster Bowls are matched in weight to a tolerance well beyond WB regulations.  
Care of Your Bowls
Regular polishing with a wax or cream polish will help protect your Bowls and preserve their finish. If you have to remove old wax or polish, this should be done using a proper degreaser or steam cleaner, not an abrasive pad. Store or carry your Bowls in a purpose made cushioned Bowls Bag designed to protect them and prevent impact damage.
Damage Causes to Your Bowls
Take care against and be aware of the following:
-    Gravel or similar hard ditch fillings can cause Bowls to scratch or heavily chip if they come into violent contact. Concrete ditch walls or protruding nail heads on ditch wall or indoor carpets can also cause extensive damage.
-    Artificial outdoor sand filled greens can cause heavy scratching and excessive wear, especially on the running surface of the bowl. Some fertilizers and sand on the outdoor greens can be abrasive, causing surface scratches and removal of polish. This can occur on all Bowls, but can be more noticeable on coloured sets.
-    Never use or allow others to use sand paper, scouring pads or any form of abrasive material on your Bowls as this could alter their bias.
-    Placing and then removing stickers over the painted rings can remove the paint work.
If any of these damages should occur, the Bowls are not covered under the Greenmaster Warranty.
It should also be noted, that Bowls Bias Testing is not covered under this Warranty.
Bowls Returns Policy
In order to make a decisive judgement on any potential Bowls returns, we must first inspect your Bowls. We are happy to receive any Bowls for inspection, providing you have read the Bowls disclaimer in the bowls boxes, and your Bowls have remained undamaged as stated in the warranty conditions.
The procedure is as follows:
Return them to us at 5/1 Boden Road, Seven Hills NSW 2147 and we will promptly contact you with regards to the outcome. If the Bowls are found to be faulty, we will rectify and return them at no cost to you. Otherwise, the Bowls will be returned to you at your cost. The cost of testing a set of Bowls is $49.50.
We require the following information when Bowls are returned:-
1. From whom did you purchase the Bowls
2. Model
3. Colour
4. Size
5. Approximate purchase date
6. Serial Number
7. Customer Name, Address and Contact telephone number.
Other Product Returns
If you should have a reason to return any other Greenmaster Product, please contact us, we will be happy to discuss the most convenient way to satisfy your questions.
Phone: (02) 9674 7777
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Overseas Orders

We are currently only able to service online orders within Australia.

For those located outside of Australia please contact us by phoning +61 2 9674 7777 or complete an online enquiry form so that we can discuss your specific requirements.

Please note that due to shipping restrictions we may not be able to provide the entire range of products to overseas customers.



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